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Waste not, want not

After visiting a quilter who demonstrated how no scrap of fabric left her studio, I’m inspired to be the same way about my paper. So, that means coming up with a variety of different types of projects wherein I can use very tiny scraps of paper. (The quilter used her “useless” fabric scraps as stuffing for pillows). I’ve started to organize my paper by size. I figure I can use very tiny scraps in collages, most obviously. But I’m all ears if you have any other ideas!

Progress Report: FOP: Brie Box

One of the interests I have in crafting is using found objects*. My first attempt at baked brie (it is harder than it looks!) left me with a rather large brie box with a charming picture. I decided to paint the picture with craft acrylics (Deltaceramcoat and DecoArt) and then surround it with my choice of paper (in this case, “Olana” from 7Gypsies, purchased at Paper Source).

I’m not sure I’m done with it. I’m thinking about lining the inner circle with some dark colored ribbon to pick up one of the colors in the paint.

Oh, and for what do you use a brie box (other than a very small, very flat, hat?). To hold miscellaneous rolls of tape, of course. That was my husband’s suggestion. And that’s exactly how it is being used at the moment.

* FOP= Found Object Project

Mothers Day cards

I actually had my act together to make mothers day cards this year for my mom and my stepmom. I tried to match the design to their personalities. 🙂

Mom Day Cards 08

Greeting and Introduction


I’m a relatively novice crafter, who loves to scrapbook.  I don’t claim to have any specific talent for it, but I enjoy it and look forward to learning more from the crafting community.  I’ll be posting various projects that I’m working on and I hope  to get lots of feedback and new ideas!


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