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Sunday Scrappin’#34

Well, this is my first Sunday Scrappin’ post! I’m supposed to post:

  • paper craft-related TA-DAs

1. St. Jean Baptiste card

2. Last Week’s Sunday scrappin’ challenge piece. The challenge was to do something sparkly! Either of the projects above qualify, but no. 2 (my UFO card) was done with the challenge in mind. Of course the really funny part is that the recipient loved it even though I was off by a month!! June…July…they both have four letters and start with J…what do you want? ;-

  • your paper craft-related TO-DO’s for the week

1. I’m working on finishing a pretty spectacular thank you card right now that I’m very excited about…but it is taking a long time due to the collection of materials. 🙂

2. I’ve got an anniversary coming up fairly soon, so I need to start thinking about that.


Next week’s Sunday Scrappin’ Challenge?

Something patriotic. Your project can be red, white and blue, or include a flag, or be a military layout, or include anything else that feels patriotic to you.

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day! (Fête nationale du Québec)

This will be the first in a series of posts of “QUICK N EZ” card ideas—when you realize your neighbor’s birthday is…today…or when you simply don’t have 2-3 hours of good craft time

SIMPLE STAMP IDEA #1:  use one stamp for background pattern AND raised embossed embellishment


  • eco-white cardstock from Paper Source
  • “fleur de lys” stamp from Plaid Enterprises
  • purple ink (Stampa Barbara)
  • light green glossy cardstock
  • copper pigment from Color  Box
  • gold embossing tinsel (as opposed to powder)
  • dbl sided foam tape (3M)

TECHNIQUE:  I sparsely inked the stamp for the background pattern as I wanted a faded look and variations of ink heaviness.  Foam stamps are good for this.  Then I stamped a well-inked fleur-de-lys on the green glossy cardstock with copper pigment.  Again, there were light areas of ink and this was perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. The areas of green with the copper/gold combo give it a wonderful patina effect.  Finally, I cut out the fleur-de-lys with an exacto knife, and placed it in the center of the card with foam tape.

CAUTION:  To achieve a fully “molten” look (see photo below) with the embossing tinsel it does require more time with the heat gun than is usually necessary (or eh…safe?).  The paper will get VERY hot and you will probably notice some changes in the color of the actual paper.  This is not an issue for this project as I cut the shape out with a craft knife.  But make sure you are watching carefully.

UFO Card

First, let me say what a pleasure it was to look at my blog stats only to find I hit an all time high of 30+ people in one day!! This is because of Allison’s generous shout-out over a Stampin’ When I Can.

So nice to be discovered!! Thank you

While I’m looking forward to getting back to my wedding album project, I am enjoying trying new techniques with the multitudinous June birthday cards. The one I made today meets two challenges/memes, only one of which I will mention at the moment (waiting to see whether I post now or later for the other—protocol, you know…).

This card meets Saturday’s Workout challenge No. 10 (a great blog and a good place for me to practice my German!). Everything cut-out by hand is fair game for this week’s project! Of course, due to my lack of a decent paper cutter (sniff…) except for my silly little Exacto mini-trimmer, almost everything I do is hand cut. But for this particular project (a card for a good friend), I made an effort to make the cuts look fairly haphazard. I used the cardboard case of a local brewing company’s Hefeweizen to get the letters and the planet (another tip of the hat to the German scrapologists at SaWo). I’ve wanted to do an outer space theme for awhile and the U.F.O (which for the beermaker stands for “UnFiltered Offering”) provided a good opportunity for a nice sentiment.

MATERIALS: Background: silver crinkly paper; Letters and Planet from Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen six pack case; letters handwritten with American Crafts black glitter marker and heat-embossed with JudiKins Gold Sparkle embossing powder. The words are haphazardly (torn/cut) matted on “Flower burst-silver on white” paper from a company I suspect is now defunct. 😦 The stars are a stamp from an older-than-time stamp set I’ve had for at least 15 years (from All-Night Media), stamped on glossy paper, stamped with ColorBox copper pigment, heat-embossed with JudiKins Gold Sparkle, and colored with Marvy LePlume II yellow marker. I used pinking shears and brought them forward with foam tape (the planet too).

Thanksgiving in June!

While I know every day is a day for gratitude, today seemed to be my day! It started this morning when I found out I won the drawing for blog candy over at Art Girlz Scrapbook Nook! Being fairly new to the whole “blog candy” scene, I’m pretty thrilled something happened so soon and from a place I really respect!

Then, I received a brand new purse (a really, really, really NICE purse) from a friend with whom I wasn’t on speaking terms for a few years. We got back in touch almost two years ago and she said she wanted to send me something for the birthdays she missed and to celebrate the fact we’re friends again. WOW! Surprises like that are just AWESOME.

Finally (and this doesn’t really compare to the other two, but it fit in with the theme of the day), my order from Adagio Teas came in a day early and they included a free sample of “birthday tea” to advertise their custom tea blends. Yet another nice surprise (even if it is advertising!)

Anyway, it made for a wonderful Friday! THANK YOU!

Here’s what I’ve done recently–two MORE June Birthday cards!! The first is for my 10th grade biology teacher. I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but let’s just say I’ve kept in touch with him for over 15 years! I went with a nature theme and ran a little experiment called “hmm-can-one-heat-emboss-on-vellum?” The answer is yes, but with several caveats. It will curl the vellum slightly and if you don’t use a bright powder, it might not show up all that well. See the “Happy Birthday” on the card below. It isn’t terrible, but not ideal. I also embossed and hand cut three flowers (applied with dbl. sided foam tape) that were stamped on really nice fine laid paper from Colonial Williamsburg! I like how that paper handles ink, so I use it on special occasions. It also embosses well, and it allowed me to color the flowers in with markers without worrying about messing up the embossing (detail below).

Final Product:

MATERIALS: “Daisy Cap” stamp from Mostly Animals; “Happy Birthday” stamp from Posh Impressions by Dee Gruening for All Night Media; ivy stamp from Stampa Barbara (whose inventory was sold to Clearsnap, Inc.); JudiKins embossing powders (Red, Candy Violet), Stampa Barbara embossing powder (Tangerine) and Gold Embossing Tinsel from Personal Stamp Exchange; Monarch Butterfly photo sticker from StickyPix by Paperhouse #ST27ROL; vellum “Green Tea” (#WGP0217 by WorldWin)

And then today, a quick card for my sister-in-law. I wanted a metallic feel to it (not that I find anything particularly “metallic” about my SIL–she’s wonderful). I liked the effect the light inking had on the stamp–gave it a more weathered, vintage look:

MATERIALS: Eco-White card from Paper Source; Foam stamp from Plaid Enterprises; Copper pigment pad from Color Box; bling from Martha Stewart Crafts; paper for “Bonne fete” from s.e.i (pretty petals 7-8403, reverse side); silver crinkly paper (source unknown) and double sided foam tape from 3M.

Creative Therapy: Catalyst #14

The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

I’m a newcomer to the Creative Therapy blog, but decided that this was the week I’d try one of their catalysts. This week’s catalyst (#14):

What’s the one lesson you’d want to teach your children? (If you don’t have them, what would you want to teach them if you had them?)

I don’t have children (yet), but I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life thus far (some of them the hard way) that I will want to share with them. But this one I picked up recently from Randy Pausch, who if you don’t know, is the awe-inspiring professor at Carnegie Mellon who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and gave an amazing talk called The Last Lecture (available at website linked above). I chose the quote from that talk. I also think that the goal isn’t always getting through (or over) the brick wall, but letting it stop you long enough that you have to look at things another way. You can learn a lot from staring at that wall–even if you ultimately decide it is not worth the journey to the other side.

I like the postcard size, so I chose to do a simple mixed media piece. I wanted to keep it fairly bare bones to reflect the simple wisdom of the quote and to really make the brick wall the focus (how many times does one do that!?). I think it looks a lot better in realview, but you get the general idea:

MATERIALS: Strathmore “Imperial Watercolor” blank postcard (trimmed); “Blue Swirl” paper from Sonburn Inc. (#05440), micropigment ink .25mm black and .30mm green (Sakura Pigma Micron); Stabilo “Aquatico” aquarelle pencils (colors 325 and 675 blended).

Ellen’s Birthday Book

When my projects are properly inspired, I can get more elaborate than resorting to my trusty Paper Source letterpress tags and some cool paper. 🙂 My dear friend Shaz, maker of these extraordinarily beautiful bags and other crafty stuff, has an adorable daughter who just turned 1 year old! I don’t live near Shaz, but I wanted to mark the occasion in some meaningful way. That’s when I decided to start a birthday book for Ellen. Every year, around her birthday, she will receive a new page for her album, scrapbooked by me, that reflects the past year in some way. This (I hope) will also ensure that I’m staying in good contact with her mama!

This year, Ellen received a beautiful table and chairs set which Shaz painted pink and green. She also took this great photo of Ellen having tea with her daddy. I nabbed the photo, had a print made, bought an album with removable pages, (although mine had stripes) and scrapped away!

Here is the full layout. (Sorry, the color is a little off–natural light was uncooperative that day):

2008 page for Ellen

Here is a detail of the teapot applique I made. I found the template here, and reduced it 50% on my copy machine, traced it on vellum and added a rub-on transfer flower, ornamented with a “pearl” in the center (Crystal Stickers “Pearls” by Mark Richards (Style #1952 5 mm)).

teapot applique

The paper, which had these great flocked pink birds (“Oh So Moody/Birds” Heidi Grace Designs for Fiskars), was the beginning of my inspiration. I added the year with some bright green rub-on transfers.

OTHER MATERIALS/PROCESSES: For Name: “Old Claude” letter stamps from Paper Source (I can now stamp anything for anyone named Ellen, Elle, ,Nell, Len, Lee, etc…), stamped with Color Box pigment (“pistachio”), then heat-embossed with “Rainbow Sparkle Lite” embossing powder from JudiKins, on “Blossom Clover Chart” paper from Paper Source. I cropped each letter, and outlined the letters with a fine-tipped magenta Sharpie.

The “1” is hand-cut (duh) from the reverse side of the “Blossom Clover Chart” paper, and pasted on “cupcake” paper (Doodlebug Design)*

*Be warned, if you use this paper, you will likely “glitter” for several days, as will all the furniture, and your cat.

June is birthday month

I definitely get along well with Geminis, it seems. I have at least 10 friends whose birthdays are in June, and four of them fall within the same week. So, my primary focus this month has been cards! Today I made two. The first is for a dear friend from college who got me a card that I’ve never forgotten. It shows Winnie-the-Pooh (Classic Pooh) and Piglet walking hand in hand through the woods. Piglet says “Pooh?” and Pooh replies, “Yes, Piglet?” to which Piglet answers “Oh, nothing. I was just making sure of you.” I have kept that card and love its sentiment. So, I had these great Classic Pooh stickers from Michel & Co, and I thought I use one for her.


Background: SK Bright Meadow Woodcuts & Text Flat Paper (K & C Company #660779); Classic Pooh sticker (“Pooh with Balloons #96465) from Michel & Co; Matting: Bo-Bunny Press (Bo-Bunnys Back-to-Backs) #12SGV802 Summer Sage Vine; Letterpress tag from Paper Source; Trim: “Cupcake” frills from Doodlebug Design Inc (#1235)

The second card I made was much simpler, but reflects who it is for. A dear friend has her birthday in June and is retiring from conducting a church choir. While I’m not submitting it for the contest per se, I was definitely motivated to use the torn mulberry paper by Kim’s card/challenge. I have been wanting to experiment with torn paper for awhile now, so here was my chance. What I particularly like with this is how you can see the notes faintly behind the mulberry paper, particularly where the edges are torn.

MATERIALS: Creative Imaginations #11045 “Music” by Marah Johnson (used here as well); Letterpress tag from Paper Source; mulberry paper (brand unknown)

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