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Anniversary card

Well, as anticipated, this week was busy and full of non-craft related goodness. I did manage to do an anniversary card for someone who is understated and elegant. I should know, because I married him.:-)

I’ve got a 30th birthday card to make sometime between now and tomorrow. I’ve got a pretty good idea for it too…

I also received a set of fun “spice” gift enclosures which I ordered from Daedalus Books (one of my favorite book & music stores). I figured for $3, I’ll find a way to use them!

MATERIALS for Anniversary Card: patterned paper (s.e.i paisley & petals line: pretty petals 7-8403, polka dots side); eco-white cardstock (Paper Source); metal “Love” sentiment (“Senti-metals” Lasting Impressions for Paper, Inc); asymmetrical hearts (Black Ink); and ribbon from our wedding gifts four years ago! 🙂

Edited to add: For reasons I don’t understand, I can’t see the picture in the actual post (I can in edit mode).  If you have the same problem, scan over the blank space with your mouse and the preview pop-up window should work.  You can click on the picture and see the jpg.  WordPress issue, I’m assuming.

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