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Sunday Scrappin’ #43

Come join us at Sunday Scrappin’!

Another not really very craft-filled week here.  I’ve been consumed with constructing a syllabus and lecture prep (classes start on Tuesday…).  That said, I did manage a few projects.  Unfortunately, the “texture” challenge didn’t happen, even though I was VERY excited about that one!  Let’s see if I can manage this week’s:

dig out an unopened embellishment that you have in your stash and actually USE IT! We all tend to hoard the little things that we pick up…. c’mon, you know you do… so let’s dig them out and put them to good use this week. 🙂



If I get one little thing accomplished next week, it will be a miracle.  I’ll see how things go.  I certainly have some unopened stash material waiting for my love and attention!

I hope everyone else had a great week!

From the Geek File: Amazing Google Reader Add-On

Thanks to Allison, who got it from Jen, I found out about this AWESOME, no, I mean AWESOME, bit of script that will allow you to comment and preview blogs without ever leaving the comfort of Google Reader!!  I love it so…cuts blurfing time in half!

Only thing I’ve discovered is that I seem to have problems actually getting OUT of Google Reader on the rare occasions I’d want to go to the actual blog.  Small matter.

You will need Firefox and Greasemonkey (easy to install and free).  It is SO WORTH IT.

Oh, and if it doesn’t appear right away, log out of Google Reader and log back in.

Friday Fill-Ins #87

Time again for Friday Fill-Ins:

This week’s questions are brought to you by Michelle.
1. When I’m sick I’m woefully self-absorbed.

2. When I take a walk, I think about the state of the world or chocolate.

3. Money can’t buy happiness but it can help facilitate the process.

4. Cotton makes me happy and leather makes me  chafe.

5. The strangest person/character I’ve had lewd thoughts about was luckily completely unaware of it.

6. My favorite color these days is green because  it constantly reminds me of what a joy it is to be LIVING and ALIVE.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hearing that the sellers have finally retained an atty so they can sign the @#$@%  PNS, tomorrow my plans include bemoaning the fact Tuesday is coming so quickly and Sunday, I want to win the Nobel Prize for Literature!

My first attempt at digital scrapping…

Click on the picture and you can see all four layouts.  It is the abbreviated  story of our trip across the country.  Very abbreviated.  I was basically trying out Scrapblog.My Scrapblog

Sunday Postcard Art: MYSTIC

The theme for this week’s challenge at Sunday Postcard Art is MYSTIC.  I chose to explore the mystic side of nature with this 4 x 6 postcard:



MATERIALS:  Strathmore Imperial Watercolor 4×6 postcard; #13309 “Green Ivy” Vellum by Susan Branch, Lic. by Art Impressions (Colorbök); Stamped image (Petaluma Stamp Exchange #F-1198); Stabilo Aquarelle pencils; colored pencils; brown cardstock; Printers Type Alphabet stamps (Hero Arts); Decorative Leaves (Black Ink Creative International Papers); Scroll Rub-ons (Maya Road); green jeweled flower embellishment (stash); Coluzzle (to cut circle in vellum)

Sunday Scrappin #42

Come play with us over at Sunday Scrappin’!  All you do is post your papercrafting-related ta-das and to-dos each Sunday and there is an optional challenge as well!

Oofda.  Not a good crafting week.  I had a pretty stressful interview mid-week and got slammed with a head cold.  Oh, and I bought a house. 🙂  Nothing much.

I didn’t get to the “square” challenge for last week, but I hope to something with this week’s challenge:

add some texture to your project. Use textured scrapbook paper, sand paper, paint… whatever you can think of!

So, only two TA-DAs for this week:

Pretty Mary

And I made a database to catalogue all of my stamps so that I can easily look up what I have by theme, brand (for challenges), size, etc.

TO-DO’s for next week:

Something that incorporates the Sunday Scrappin’ challenge!

Sunday Postcard Art: Children

Alright…I’m sick as a dog (and how sick is THAT, you ask?) but I REALLY wanted to participate in this week’s challenge over at Sunday Postcard Art. Because I do not use a lot of vintage images, this wasn’t that easy for me. But I did step outside of my own box a little, and using some inspiration from Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. For those of you who are not familiar with Trader Joe’s, it is a wonderful grocery store chain that puts out an advertisement flyer which features old vintage cartoons that have been given new captions (in the context of the ads).

Well, Sweet Mary here is an image I cut out from a 1953 children’s choirbook. It was to illustrate some song about “helping mother” or some such thing.

Sweet Mary

Sweet Mary

MATERIALS: Strathmore watercolor postcard; “Hide and Seek” #SPBBP06 Baby Collection (EK Success); velvet lime green ric-rac (stash) and a “Tranquility” Sunflower Slide (Maya Road)

Thanks for visiting! I love comments!

Friday Fill-Ins #86

Since I have not been able to craft this week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to participate in the meme blog Friday Fill-Ins which I learned about from Forgetfulone.

1. Dancing to the “Sheep Go To Heaven” song by Cake while vacuuming makes me happy.

2. The last time I walked outside after an ice storm I nearly broke a kneecap.

3. When I drive I am tense.

4. I saw my cat standing on his hind legs trying to open the bedroom door.

5. Give me love, give me health, give me shelter.

6. Next week I am looking forward to being done with prep for the fall.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to signing a revised offer for a house, tomorrow my plans include stressing about the house and Sunday, I want to go for a bike ride!!

From the Geek File…

Geeky Stamp Database

Geeky Stamp Database

Yeah, so I’m a nerd. Or a geek. Take your pick. I know there is a difference, but for our purposes, you get the general idea. I have limited storage space, so my stamp collection, which is fairly large, is not really organized in a way that I can see everything easily. So, I decided to make a little database for my stamps. They are organized by description, up to three categories (flowers, holiday, angels, text, etc.), manufacturer, and I’ve also recorded the year and where I bought them, as well as the Manufacturer ID numbers. I have a whole lot of old stamps that I bought in the early 90s. I even found the first stamp I ever bought. 🙂

So the cool thing about the Excel spreadsheet, is I can now simply do a “sort” whenever I’m looking for a specific type or brand of stamp (for a challenge, for example). Neat, eh? Probably not the BEST use of my time, but I did it during my break, so I can feel slightly guilt-free (never mind that the break lasted an hour and a half). I’m currently working from home. 🙂

Sunday Scrappin’ #41

Would you like to be a Sunday Scrapper? Visit the blog and play along! This last week’s challenge was to “try a new fold.” This week’s challenge is:

it’s hip to be square. Use squares as the main focus of your project… will it be a square card? A scrapbook layout with lots of squares? A square altered item? Have fun with it!

It has been a busy/stressful week here at CraftyLyra Studios (aka, my home). That means I needed a lot of stress releasing activity!

TA-DAs for the Week:

MONDAY: I participated in Sunday Postcard Art’s weekly challenge and created this “Door to Hope.”

TUESDAY: I finished two layouts for my Wedding Album (last week’s to-do) and I wrote my first tutorial!

WEDNESDAY: I made two thank you cards on Wednesday, including one that fulfills the Sunday Scappin’ challenge with a short fold.

THURSDAY: I created a layout for Creative Therapy’s catalyst: Your biggest accomplishment.

If you are still with me, THANK YOU!

TO-DOs for next week?

Sunday Postcard Art (This week’s theme is CHILDREN)

Sunday Scrappin’ Challenge

2 more layouts for wedding album

I’m going to go out and enjoy the sunshine for awhile, but I look forward to seeing everyone else’s stuff when I get back!! Have a good week!

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