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Christmas Crafting

Now that the gifts have been given, I can show you what I created in the two-day frenzy otherwise known as “Christmas preparation.”  Once grading was finished, I had two days before leaving for home to make, wrap, and send. I will NOT do that again. At any rate.

For my sister:


For my dad, the wine lover/cook, I made a trivet.  I knew he’d scan the corks to see which wineries he recognized:


And for the grandparents, a wreath (picture isn’t great, sorry):


Maybe I’ll start now for next Christmas, LOL.


Sunday Scrappin’ 12/14


Join us at Sunday Scrappin’–the weekly blog/meme for Paper Crafters.


Well, it has been awhile, but I did actually do some papercrafting this week! Unfortunately, I cannot post a photo of it until after Christmas on the offchance that the recipient actually reads my blog. Bummer. Instead, I offer you a picture of my latest furniture purchase: a vintage telephone table! We got a good price for it at a vintage and antique store near our house. It has been repainted and distressed, but the wood is in great shape. Someday I’d like to redo the pillow as wheat isn’t really my thing…? 🙂 Of course, like every other horizontal surface in our house at the moment, it has already accumulated CLUTTER!


  • If I can find my stamps (!!!) I hope to make a few more papercraft items for Christmas before I leave for warmer shores next week.
  • Not sure I can do next week’s challenge: something unrelated to the holidays! That is a challenge…

Kreativ, if tardy, Blogger.


Alas, sweet Forgetfulone gave me this award on November 15th and I have only just now discovered it.!

Here are the rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
My Nominees are: 
  • Melanie for her amazing approaches to all those photo prompts!
  • Annapurna for her meticulous design and love of nature
  • Life As Lou for a blog that helps me remember that no, my life is not that tough and joy is indeed everywhere…AND some awesome crafting
  • Chrissy M for her beautiful scrapbooking and amazingly generous spirit
  • Miss Sniz for her very creative use of fake teeth…oh, and her wonderful papercrafting!!
I could have made a list of a billion blogs, but rather than say “I give it to everyone” I thought I’d pick just a few.
And, as long as we are on the topic of inspiration, if you haven’t been keeping up with Tim Holtz’s Ten Tags of Christmas, prepare to be INSPIRED!!!

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