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übercandy alert!!

Ok, if I come across any more great stuff today, I’m going to update this post, but let’s start with Tammy over at “Hopelessly” Addicted to Paper.  Amazing offering of tons of different brands…go check it out.

Another giveaway: Iheartcrafts blog!

Ok, I have no intention of blogging every giveaway I come across on the net, but every once in awhile, they are really really cool. 🙂  I have my eye on the tea towel in particular–this one is GREAT.

June is Bustin’ out all over…

with blog candy, that is!!

First, look at what Michelleo has over at Stamps, Paper Scissors and Donkey Smiles! Besides that, she raises miniature donkeys and that’s just too awesome!!

Then stop by Enfys’ MAJOR giveaway at Going Buggy.  She’s got serious style!!

Blog Candy Opportunity: Scrapmaster’s Paradise

You know you want this.

Happy, bright summery colors!!  Birthday Celebrations can’t be beat!

Kreativ, if tardy, Blogger.


Alas, sweet Forgetfulone gave me this award on November 15th and I have only just now discovered it.!

Here are the rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
My Nominees are: 
  • Melanie for her amazing approaches to all those photo prompts!
  • Annapurna for her meticulous design and love of nature
  • Life As Lou for a blog that helps me remember that no, my life is not that tough and joy is indeed everywhere…AND some awesome crafting
  • Chrissy M for her beautiful scrapbooking and amazingly generous spirit
  • Miss Sniz for her very creative use of fake teeth…oh, and her wonderful papercrafting!!
I could have made a list of a billion blogs, but rather than say “I give it to everyone” I thought I’d pick just a few.
And, as long as we are on the topic of inspiration, if you haven’t been keeping up with Tim Holtz’s Ten Tags of Christmas, prepare to be INSPIRED!!!

Carnival of Green Crafts #6

As most of you who read this blog already know, eco-crafting and upcycling are important to me.  So the featured link for this week is:

Carnival of Green Crafts No. 6 hosted by Smidge

Go check out the Barbie Doll House made from “trash,” decoupaged bangles, and much, much more.

RAK for 2000 hits and Mystery Picture revealed!

Well, I realize my last post may not have been that fun to read, so I thought I’d lighten things back up a bit, and announce the winner of the drawing for the 2000-hit-RAK!  I even added names who had only five comments into the pool.  Well the winner of this (the picture reveals little on purpose!):


Baileysgranny, be sure to e-mail me (see sidebar) your snail mail address so I can send you your prize!

Oh, and as for the mystery place in the picture I posted here, I didn’t actually expect anyone to get it (unless you were SUPER DUPER FAMILIAR with my part of Massachusetts).  But for those of you who are interested, I took it at the Middlesex Fells Reservation, which is extraordinary in part as it lies right in the middle of a city.

Sunday Scrappin’ #47

Greetings! It is time for Sunday Scrappin: the weekly blog meme for paper crafters. We post our “Ta-Das” for the week, our “To-Dos” for the coming week, and participate in weekly challenges (optional). Check it out.


  • This birthday card
  • I prepared some Christmas wrapping paper scraps for use on cards and tags (no pic, sorry–you’ve all seen cut-up wrapping paper before I’m sure, LOL).


  • I’ve got a couple of birthday cards I need to make
  • I’m itching to get back to my wedding album, but I’ve lacked energy and inspiration
  • start planning out my “HANDMADE PLEDGE” for the holidays (see sidebar)

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has planned and has accomplished!

Just for fun, I’m including this photo I took a week ago. If anyone can correctly identify the place, the first person to post the correct answer will win something from me (I know, that’s a huge opportunity–SOMETHING! Ooh wow).

Where is this?

Where is this?

I’ll give you a clue…it is someplace in Massachusetts!

REMINDER: When I get to 2000 hits (not too far away), I’ll be holding a drawing. Those of you who have left 10-25 comments on my blog since I started this mess will be eligible.

RESTRICTIONS: If you won my last contest, you are sadly not eligible. Comments are counted one per thread/post. My next contest will not be dependent on number of comments, so please do not start a gazillion comments just to try to win this time. This is sort of a thank you to those of you who regularly visit and leave comments. Certainly, if you visit this blog regularly, you are welcome to start upping your comments. 🙂 Those who are currently in or close to the running:



Chrissy is just one comment away from eligibility!

Sandy needs only four more comments.

Wani and Bailey’s Granny need only five more comments.

The Beckoning of Lovely

I haven’t had any time to craft in the last week, but here’s something inspiring. Truly. I hope you participate. MAKE something happen.

If for some reason the video doesn’t embed, visit the URL directly.

Many thanks to Cathy Zielske for posting about this.


I always think it is super wonderful when people take the time to highlight other people’s blogs.  So, I’d really like mention Patzee’s new blog which lists cardmaking and papercraft blogs. In addition, there is Allison, whose Newly Discovered Bloggers posts have introduced me to some of the most wonderful blogs out there. (My largest number of hits in one day comes from the day I appeared in one of these posts).

And, just as a reminder, make sure to visit that tab up there…yep, the one on the right that says “Links You Might Enjoy.” (If you are using a feedreader to read this then you’ll need to look at my actual blog to know what I’m talking about.  I’ve added a bunch of new links (I think I’ll start to put NEW! next to them from now on) and you can also see the blogposts I find particularly shareable and noteworthy at Crafty’s Shared Items.  I add something new there almost every day.

Finally, I’d encourage you to explore people’s sidebar links.  I only link to people in the sidebar I know, either in the real-life sense or in the “blogging love” sense, NOT in the Biblical sense. 😉  Oh, and eco-crafters too, because they get an extra gold star in my book.

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