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Almost there…

Well, I’m ALMOST on break.  But it looks like this is going to constitute my Christmas crafting this year:

I heard about them over at Going Green Crafters and Artists which re-blogged the tutorial from How About Orange?

They are really fun to make and super easy and a great way to use up old magazines.  I think they can lend a modern look to a package as well. As mentioned at GGCA, maps would also work. As would scraps of wrapping paper.  The possibilities are endless!

Magazine Gift Bows

I learned about the magazine gift bow tutorial at All About Orange, via Going Green Crafters and Artists, a wonderful new blog focusing on eco-crafting (and to which I OCCASIONALLY contribute!)

This idea isn’t just neat because it is a great way to re-use paper, but the bows themselves can really make a package unique.  Check it out!

Yep…still here. Barely.

Well, tonight, out of necessity, I made the time to make some cards!!  One is a belated birthday card for my father, and the other is for my godson/nephew.  I also made one for my MIL, but on the chance she checks out this blog, I won’t post it until AFTER her birthday. 🙂

I’m busier than I’ve ever been before in my life.  I wish that was an overstatement. I miss my crafting friends and my crafting time, but at least I am happy professionally (something new).

I’ll be here when I can!


This card (for my dad) reuses some “junk” mail.  I say this as I don’t mean ANY disrespect to the organization that keeps sending me these paper Tibetan prayer flags.  I just don’t have use for a lot of them, so I’ve decided to incorporate them into some craft projects.  Here I’ve used two “flags” against BasicGrey Marrakech line paper with a letterpress tag from Paper Source.  I also inked/distressed the edges of one of the flags with “Dark Moss” Chalk Ink (ColorBox).


This card uses double sided cardstock (#NT104-Far Out) from The Paper Loft, a letterpress tag (Paper Source), Hero Arts “Printers Type Alphabet” lettering stamps,  “Penguin with Presents” stamp from Savvy Stamps and I embossed with “Rainbow Sparkle Lite” ep and Color box brown pigment ink.

REUSE: Ribbon Storage

As promised, here are two ideas for ribbon storage, which reuse different type of containers.  The first, is a vertical ribbon dispenser, formerly known as a container for Martha Stewart’s sugar cookie mix. 🙂  The execution isn’t great (I couldn’t find my SHARP box cutter), but you get the idea and it works!


I’m running low on ribbon…that’s why it isn’t full. 🙂

Have a lot of ribbon scraps and an old candy box (I like petit fours boxes because the shapes are all uniform)?


If your odds and ends are organized, you are more likely to use them!  While the “Use Your Stash” challenge is officially over, I hope everyone feels invigorated about putting the “scrap” back in “scrapbooking!”

Along those same lines, check out this workshop, as posted by Ali Edwards, on how to create scrapbook art out of anything!

More Scrapping of Scraps!

Check out this Meghan Monday post over at Green Scene (Laura Seymour’s blog)!  Cards are a GREAT way to use up scraps because the canvas is so much smaller than your typical scrapbook page.  Check out this post as well on “environmentally friendly” papers.  Let’s face it, scrapbooking is not innately environmently friendly, from paper waste to printing photos, etc.  That said, it probably gets a better green ranking than auto racing (as far as hobbies go), so why not do your best to be as wasteless as possible?  I know I promised a post on candy boxes and such, but that will have to wait until I’m at home with my camera. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying the Use Your Stash Challenge!

Stash Challenge: patterned paper scraps

I didn’t get a lot of crafting done this week, but I made two cards.  The first one is a good demonstration of how to use those tiny scraps of patterned paper you have in your stash.  Some of the flowers  are design elements from small bits and pieces of patterned paper I had lying around.  I also used miscellaneous stickers and brads to give it a more random/natural look.  As part of my USE YOUR STASH month-long challenge (see sidebar), neither card is made using newly purchased materials.


Detail of flowers:


MATERIALS: white cardstock, Marrakech paper pad;  assorted flower brads (“Spring Fling” line from Making Memories); epoxy stickers (owl, butterfly, leaves on flowers) from Paperchase, flower stickers (Jolee’s Boutique by EK Success); flowers cut out from scrap pp; alphas are “French Market Alphabet Stickers” (Rusty Pickle, ST71).



MATERIALS: white cardstock; Marrakech paper pad; decorative tape (self-adhesive ribbon) from Martha Stewart, alpha stickers (Sarah Milne’s “Sumner Squares” for Scenic Route (SRS 494).

NEXT POST: Creative ways to REUSE candy boxes and other containers for craft storage.



In honor of Earth Day (April 22), I am running a stash-only challenge:

From April 22 until May 22nd, use only your stash. While I have no desire to negatively impact suppliers, try to limit your purchases of new scrapbooking materials during this month, instead focusing on REDUCING (consumption & waste), REUSING (unconventional materials), and RECYCLING.  Personally, I have pledged not to buy ANY new materials during the month-long period, and am looking forward to finding creative ways to use all those odds and ends.

Melanie has accepted this challenge.  How about you?  Leave a comment if you are game.  And feel free to steal the button in the sidebar of this blog and use it in your own blog.  I have reproduced the code below…be sure to replace {  }  brackets with <  type brackets.  The fun begins on April 22nd!!

{a href=”;}{img src=”; HEIGHT=”140″ WIDTH=”165″}{/a}

Carnival of Green Crafts #6

As most of you who read this blog already know, eco-crafting and upcycling are important to me.  So the featured link for this week is:

Carnival of Green Crafts No. 6 hosted by Smidge

Go check out the Barbie Doll House made from “trash,” decoupaged bangles, and much, much more.

Eco-Crafting Carnival and Good Contest!

I have two wonderful items to tell you about this morning!

The first, is the Carnival of Green Crafts, which has been kicked off over at Crafting A Green World.  They’ve linked to yours truly, but I invite you to go and spend some time looking at all the other wonderful featured crafters–ESPECIALLY in the paper arts (“Paper Talk”)!

The second, is a great contest hosted by my friend Shaz.  I’ve talked about Shaz’s beautiful totes and bags before…but now you have a chance to win one, and all you have to do is help feed hungry people!!  See the details on her blog about Free Rice, where they’ve figured out an free, easy, fun, and educational way that you can help donate rice to hungry people. And now, as an added bonus, you will get one of Shaz’s stunning creations if you donate the most rice by Sept. 1!  A true WIN-WIN situation all around!!  And all you have to do is spend a couple of minutes clicking the mouse!

The crafting world has potential to be a big waste producer, but at the same time, can also be a wonderful source of upcycling and recycling!  Buying handmade products enriches our cultural capacity and can help sustain people in many different ways.  Let’s all work toward maximizing the potential GOOD crafting can do.


I am by no means an eco-crafter, but I am trying to get there.  One of the best ways to do it is by doing FOPs (Found Object Projects)–especially if your project turns out to be useful.  I don’t sew, but if I did, I think I’d find this pincushion ring (made with a plastic ring tab from a carton) pretty darn useful (except that I’m such a clutz I’d risk missing the cushion and sticking my hand.

For those of you into jewelry-making, here’s an idea for old used up Starbucks coffee cards.  And since not everyone can come into a supply of those, you might go for a funkier look with old cut up credit cards?  I’m thinking you’d have to be highly selective in the pieces you chose, and not use pieces from the same card in one piece of jewelry. You know, security reasons and all.

Finally, I found a good blog with an eco-crafting focus.  Crafting a Green World has numerous craft ideas and good resources for finding eco-friendly (or near eco-friendly) papers and fabrics.  I like the fact that some of the posts acknowledge that it is difficult to be totally green (recycled felt (great!) out of plastic bottles (not great!) but that some options are better than others and that is really what it is about.

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