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From the Geek File: Amazing Google Reader Add-On

Thanks to Allison, who got it from Jen, I found out about this AWESOME, no, I mean AWESOME, bit of script that will allow you to comment and preview blogs without ever leaving the comfort of Google Reader!!  I love it so…cuts blurfing time in half!

Only thing I’ve discovered is that I seem to have problems actually getting OUT of Google Reader on the rare occasions I’d want to go to the actual blog.  Small matter.

You will need Firefox and Greasemonkey (easy to install and free).  It is SO WORTH IT.

Oh, and if it doesn’t appear right away, log out of Google Reader and log back in.

From the Geek File…

Geeky Stamp Database

Geeky Stamp Database

Yeah, so I’m a nerd. Or a geek. Take your pick. I know there is a difference, but for our purposes, you get the general idea. I have limited storage space, so my stamp collection, which is fairly large, is not really organized in a way that I can see everything easily. So, I decided to make a little database for my stamps. They are organized by description, up to three categories (flowers, holiday, angels, text, etc.), manufacturer, and I’ve also recorded the year and where I bought them, as well as the Manufacturer ID numbers. I have a whole lot of old stamps that I bought in the early 90s. I even found the first stamp I ever bought. 🙂

So the cool thing about the Excel spreadsheet, is I can now simply do a “sort” whenever I’m looking for a specific type or brand of stamp (for a challenge, for example). Neat, eh? Probably not the BEST use of my time, but I did it during my break, so I can feel slightly guilt-free (never mind that the break lasted an hour and a half). I’m currently working from home. 🙂

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