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Thanksgiving in June!

While I know every day is a day for gratitude, today seemed to be my day! It started this morning when I found out I won the drawing for blog candy over at Art Girlz Scrapbook Nook! Being fairly new to the whole “blog candy” scene, I’m pretty thrilled something happened so soon and from a place I really respect!

Then, I received a brand new purse (a really, really, really NICE purse) from a friend with whom I wasn’t on speaking terms for a few years. We got back in touch almost two years ago and she said she wanted to send me something for the birthdays she missed and to celebrate the fact we’re friends again. WOW! Surprises like that are just AWESOME.

Finally (and this doesn’t really compare to the other two, but it fit in with the theme of the day), my order from Adagio Teas came in a day early and they included a free sample of “birthday tea” to advertise their custom tea blends. Yet another nice surprise (even if it is advertising!)

Anyway, it made for a wonderful Friday! THANK YOU!

Here’s what I’ve done recently–two MORE June Birthday cards!! The first is for my 10th grade biology teacher. I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but let’s just say I’ve kept in touch with him for over 15 years! I went with a nature theme and ran a little experiment called “hmm-can-one-heat-emboss-on-vellum?” The answer is yes, but with several caveats. It will curl the vellum slightly and if you don’t use a bright powder, it might not show up all that well. See the “Happy Birthday” on the card below. It isn’t terrible, but not ideal. I also embossed and hand cut three flowers (applied with dbl. sided foam tape) that were stamped on really nice fine laid paper from Colonial Williamsburg! I like how that paper handles ink, so I use it on special occasions. It also embosses well, and it allowed me to color the flowers in with markers without worrying about messing up the embossing (detail below).

Final Product:

MATERIALS: “Daisy Cap” stamp from Mostly Animals; “Happy Birthday” stamp from Posh Impressions by Dee Gruening for All Night Media; ivy stamp from Stampa Barbara (whose inventory was sold to Clearsnap, Inc.); JudiKins embossing powders (Red, Candy Violet), Stampa Barbara embossing powder (Tangerine) and Gold Embossing Tinsel from Personal Stamp Exchange; Monarch Butterfly photo sticker from StickyPix by Paperhouse #ST27ROL; vellum “Green Tea” (#WGP0217 by WorldWin)

And then today, a quick card for my sister-in-law. I wanted a metallic feel to it (not that I find anything particularly “metallic” about my SIL–she’s wonderful). I liked the effect the light inking had on the stamp–gave it a more weathered, vintage look:

MATERIALS: Eco-White card from Paper Source; Foam stamp from Plaid Enterprises; Copper pigment pad from Color Box; bling from Martha Stewart Crafts; paper for “Bonne fete” from s.e.i (pretty petals 7-8403, reverse side); silver crinkly paper (source unknown) and double sided foam tape from 3M.

Pinking Shears

It might seem strange to write an entire post about pinking shears, but do not fear–that isn’t really what this post is about.  But inasmuch as my crafting is a form of soul-searching, I find myself letting my mind drift back into the memories of times long ago.  While most of my scrapbooking endeavors deal with the recent past or present,  sometimes the process itself brings up the distant past.

And so it was today, as I used my pinking shears to create a series of thank you cards. I’ve always loved the way pinking shears can add such an easy ounce of “finish” to any craft project.  As I sat there cutting strips of of music-themed paper, I thought about Louise.

When I was very young, my parents would occasionally use a babysitting service made up of rather senior ladies who were all about the discipline and rarely about the fun.  Most often I would get Louise, who, while probably in her 70s, seemed to be the ancient of ancients to me at my tender age. She appeared to be quite frail, and I remember that her lips seemed to be permanently pursed.  It was from Louise that I learned the word “cross” could mean something other than what I knew it to mean in church.  I came to hate that word:  “cross.”  She was always saying “I’m very cross with you.”  It was as if she had been brought to my house from another century.

At any rate, when my parents would go out and leave me with a babysitter, I would dread the moment when my father opened the front door and I’d see her.  Louise.   Old, crotchety, Louise.  Complete with old lady smell and old lady polyester and old lady voice.

Well,  as it turns out, while Louise may not have been up for a game of Red Rover, she was fairly well-versed in babysitting and would bring craft projects occasionally.  One day, she pulled these strange looking scissors out of her old lady bag, along with a pile of old Christmas wrapping paper.  I watched her as she began to cut squares of paper and much to my amazement—the lines were zigzag!  I’m pretty sure her old lady eyes saw my face light up and she probably risked a small smile. “Would you like to try the pinking shears?”

I enthusiastically began to cut every piece of paper I could find.  I loved running my hands along the edges of the paper.  I loved how she would layer different pieces together and the zig-zagged edges were so perfectly matched to one another.  After our first session, I asked her if she could bring the “zigzag” scissors next time she came.  She promised she would.

And so she did.  She’d bring two pair of pinking shears, one for me and one for her.
And I found, during these visits, that she had much less reason to be “cross” with me.

Now I’m no longer a little girl fascinated with zigzag scissors, but instead a woman who is much older, a little wiser, and still likes to run her fingers against the edges of the paper.

Thank you, Louise.

Progress Report: FOP: Brie Box

One of the interests I have in crafting is using found objects*. My first attempt at baked brie (it is harder than it looks!) left me with a rather large brie box with a charming picture. I decided to paint the picture with craft acrylics (Deltaceramcoat and DecoArt) and then surround it with my choice of paper (in this case, “Olana” from 7Gypsies, purchased at Paper Source).

I’m not sure I’m done with it. I’m thinking about lining the inner circle with some dark colored ribbon to pick up one of the colors in the paint.

Oh, and for what do you use a brie box (other than a very small, very flat, hat?). To hold miscellaneous rolls of tape, of course. That was my husband’s suggestion. And that’s exactly how it is being used at the moment.

* FOP= Found Object Project

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