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I’m still here

I know you aren’t supposed to blog to apologize for not blogging, but, just as in real life, if I disappear from the face of the earth for awhile, I feel I should check in with my community so they don’t worry.

I just got back from a business trip, the house is a mess, and I have a lot of catch up to do.  My scrapping stuff is still in boxes, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that anytime soon.  I WILL, try and visit my Sunday Scrappin’ folks this week, however!

See you soon (I hope)

A Fathers Day Gift

To be honest, this particular project required a very minimal amount of crafting. When both my paternal grandparents died last year, within a week of each other, hubby and I spent the day after the memorial service cleaning out what was left in their apartment. In a box tucked in the back of the closet was a shoebox FULL of snapshots. Some of them were very very old (e.g. my grandfather’s first Holy Communion!). My father couldn’t take any more on the plane with him, so I offered to take them and hold them for safekeeping. This July, when my dad comes to visit, I will give him the box of photos. Knowing full well that they will probably just stay in the box, I decided to pick some of the best and do a little chronicle of photos for him (for father’s day). I bought a pre-made album (I would have loved to scrapbook them all, but time is not something of which I have a lot these days) and arranged them in rough chronological order, beginning c. 1937, 38 up to the present (leaving room for photos he has to contribute). He was their only child, and as the photos document, the absolute center of their world. The only thing that equaled their love for him (and later, me and my sister), was their love for each other.

MATERIALS: SEI‘s “Paisley & Petals” line (pretty petals #7-8403) and Doodlebug Design Inc’s “double takes” lettering by cynthea sandoval (#574 pretty pink cardstock stickers)

Pinking Shears

It might seem strange to write an entire post about pinking shears, but do not fear–that isn’t really what this post is about.  But inasmuch as my crafting is a form of soul-searching, I find myself letting my mind drift back into the memories of times long ago.  While most of my scrapbooking endeavors deal with the recent past or present,  sometimes the process itself brings up the distant past.

And so it was today, as I used my pinking shears to create a series of thank you cards. I’ve always loved the way pinking shears can add such an easy ounce of “finish” to any craft project.  As I sat there cutting strips of of music-themed paper, I thought about Louise.

When I was very young, my parents would occasionally use a babysitting service made up of rather senior ladies who were all about the discipline and rarely about the fun.  Most often I would get Louise, who, while probably in her 70s, seemed to be the ancient of ancients to me at my tender age. She appeared to be quite frail, and I remember that her lips seemed to be permanently pursed.  It was from Louise that I learned the word “cross” could mean something other than what I knew it to mean in church.  I came to hate that word:  “cross.”  She was always saying “I’m very cross with you.”  It was as if she had been brought to my house from another century.

At any rate, when my parents would go out and leave me with a babysitter, I would dread the moment when my father opened the front door and I’d see her.  Louise.   Old, crotchety, Louise.  Complete with old lady smell and old lady polyester and old lady voice.

Well,  as it turns out, while Louise may not have been up for a game of Red Rover, she was fairly well-versed in babysitting and would bring craft projects occasionally.  One day, she pulled these strange looking scissors out of her old lady bag, along with a pile of old Christmas wrapping paper.  I watched her as she began to cut squares of paper and much to my amazement—the lines were zigzag!  I’m pretty sure her old lady eyes saw my face light up and she probably risked a small smile. “Would you like to try the pinking shears?”

I enthusiastically began to cut every piece of paper I could find.  I loved running my hands along the edges of the paper.  I loved how she would layer different pieces together and the zig-zagged edges were so perfectly matched to one another.  After our first session, I asked her if she could bring the “zigzag” scissors next time she came.  She promised she would.

And so she did.  She’d bring two pair of pinking shears, one for me and one for her.
And I found, during these visits, that she had much less reason to be “cross” with me.

Now I’m no longer a little girl fascinated with zigzag scissors, but instead a woman who is much older, a little wiser, and still likes to run her fingers against the edges of the paper.

Thank you, Louise.

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